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Oct 1 , 2017


If only God would come down with an El Jones Complex!

by Eddie Cornwallis
If only God would come down with an El Jones Complex!

Think of how grand it must be to hold the world monopoly on moral superiority. Think of El Jones.
The Halifax-based “poet”, “writer”, “activist”, “bold visionary”, “tool of liberation”, etc., has cornered the market in the Good Shepherd business.
The gods of poetry and blogging visit regularly upon El Jones to confer upon her great inspiration, so that through her, and her alone, we, as her flock, can appropriate blessed illumination and redemption.
Think also of Sidney Crosby and the hit piece El Jones recently conferred on the hockey superstar by way of her blog, or whatever platforms El Jones employs to leadeth us beside the still waters.
In that original dispatch, Jones condemned the Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins for accepting an invitation to visit U.S. President Donald Trump at the White House. But she spewed particular venom in the direction of the Pens captain, Cole Harbour native Sidney Crosby. The face of the National Hockey League.
“Crosby’s choice to prioritize a photo opportunity with Trump doesn’t only harm those protesting in the United States. For black Canadians it is yet another reminder that we are not included in Canada, that white Canadians can safely ignore us and be excused for doing so.”
You can interpret that quote however you like.
You can view it as Jones calling Sidney Crosby an apologist for Donald Trump, or view it as Jones coming dangerously close to calling Sidney Crosby an outright racist.
Crosby has publicly stated that it’s a “great honour” to be invited to the White House.
He’s been there twice before as a Stanley Cup champion.
In 2009 and again last year at the request of former President Barrack Obama, which would appear to be a pretty non-racist thing to do.
According to captain Crosby, the team “as a group” decided to accept Trump’s invitation, but nobody is forced to go.
Pens coach Mike Sullivan, a Massachusetts native, has insisted there’s nothing political about the traditional visit.
But omniscient El Jones knows better.
“Any pretense that their (Pens) intent to visit the White House was apolitical was rapidly debunked by Trump’s gleeful tweet praising them as a ‘great team’.”
Er, um, well, there’s some pretty solid fact-free, grassy knoll babble, there, from El Jones, I’d say.
For starters, Donald Trump wouldn’t know a great hockey team from the Great Pumpkin.
Undeterred, Jones continued to pile on Crosby in the following days, in both local newspapers. Even in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.
No. She isn’t the Pens and Crosby’s only critic on this one by a long shot. But she is the most shrill and self-assured.
She calls Crosby’s visit to the White House “an act of moral cowardice.”
In her world of absolutism, El Jones demands that Sidney Crosby make clear to the public at large just what his politics might be. Her default position, as always, is guilty until proven innocent.
Crosby, she lectures, is obligated to show up and take a stand. I beg to differ. The only place Sidney Crosby is obligated to show up and take a stand is in the rink.
But identity politics is what floats the good ship El Jones. That’s what she gets paid to harangue about.
It’s the same thing which floats Donald Trump’s boat. He’s the bloody lightning rod for identity politics.
This space can add nothing to the Trump debate. He is a bigotted, sexist, crude, dangerous, unlikeable man.
Stanley Cup? I wouldn’t shake Trump’s hand if I won the Cup from the Last Supper.
It doesn’t matter.
No amount of shredded RVSPs from sports teams, or boys or girls sitting on the toilet while the Star-Spangled Banner plays on is going to remove Donald Trump from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
What does matter is Sidney Crosby’s reputation.
You know in this tinder-dry climate that handshake photograph, Captain Crosby with President Trump? That photograph is going to be exploited in this equally dangerous game of guilt by invite, by those who play that game.
Even though for the last decade-plus Sidney Crosby has proven to be nothing but a model citizen off the ice, here at home, and abroad. Never taking a misstep.
No worries.
If he ever did screw up, you can bet dollars to donuts that El Jones will be there to restoreth his soul and leadeth him back onto paths of righteousness.
But that’s only if El Jones isn’t too busy shitting all over somebody famous in an effort to raise her own pedestrian profile.

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  • Bay_Bye
    Oct 2nd 2017
    she is so out of touch with reality..for one she is not an east coaster but from out west so is not in tune with our ways and means. she seems to want to make everything a world against the blacks and natives. she has never lived in the states nor seen how blacks are treated in the southern states. blacks in Canada and particularly Nova Scotia are treated with respect although she want to keep the drum stirred.Canada has even got to the point of reverse discrimination where white men are basically told to not apply as they can't get the job..this happened in 80's-90's with even happened in 2000's in Halifax when they lowered the score so more black and minorities could qualify as firefighters but did not do the same for white applicants.When I went to University in 70's--black had TYP (Transition Year Program) and Natives were paid and paid a salary to attend while whites needed a student load. So where have they really been treated that bad in this province. I grew up in a town in Cape Breton and we all just got along & there was no real racist..we all went to school together,played sports I am really not sure where all this crap she spews comes from...
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