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Tarrah drops action against Human Rights Commish

by Andrew Douglas
Tarrah drops action against Human Rights Commish

Tarrah McPherson has discontinued her action against the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission.

The court file shows that N.S. Legal Aid lawyer Anna Mancini filed a notice of discontinuance on Tarrah's behalf on July 12.

The ink was barely dry on my Frank 768 piece concerning the Commish's decision to dismiss her complaint against Mount Saint Vincent University and her former MSVU instructor Mike Kydd when N.S. Legal Aid lawyer Vincent Calderhead filed papers seeking a judicial review of the decision on May 29 on behalf of the Hubbards single mother of four (Frank 769). Court papers show that Anna officially took over the file from her colleague just two weeks before the applicant decided to walk away.

In April, Tarrah hired Toronto legalist Brian Radnoff to file a libel notice against National Post columnist Christie Blatchford for an article she wrote this winter. Frank confirmed that Tarrah parted ways with the Lerners Lawyers partner just a few weeks after those papers were filed.

I'm still waiting to hear back from Anna as to why the Human Rights action was discontinued.

Requesting a fee-waiver application for his client at the outset, Vincent argued for a confidentiality order covering the names of her children and other identifying information, pointing out that if it were not for the fact that Tarrah lives "in poverty", it wouldn't have been necessary to include information about her children in the application. Justice Gerald Moir issued the confidentiality order on June 8.

In her original Human Rights complaint, Tarrah argued that she was "differentially treated" by MSVU "due to her gender and/or mental disability". Filed in the fall of 2015, she also alleged former Tory Pig Dog operative Mike "sexually harassed (her) in the course of her studies".  

In an affidavit found in the court file, Tarrah twice refers to the Human Rights investigation/proceeding as "impugned".

Tarrah is now pursuing Frank Magazine parent company Coltsfoot Publishing and my goodself in a private criminal prosecution relating to three alleged breaches of a court order. On July 6, both parties were served with a summons to attend Spring Garden Road provincial court on July 24 for plea.


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