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A message from Cartoonist Don

by Don Pinsent
A message from Cartoonist Don

A couple of months ago, I did an illustration for Frank Magazine, as I do from time to time. The illustration in question included caricatures of several local public figures, all exaggerated to the extent I usually try for in my caricature work. One of these individuals was former Halifax Poet Laureate El Jones, who happens to be a person of colour. It has come to my attention that, upon seeing said caricature, someone showed it to Ms. Jones, calling it out as a racist caricature. Evidently, Ms. Jones agreed, and took to her blog to decry Frank Magazine for stooping to such a low.

Let me make this completely clear, in case there's any doubt in anyone's minds: There was absolutely no racist intent in the caricature I drew of El Jones. I have never in my life had racist intent in any caricature I have ever drawn! In fact, when I do a caricature of anyone, my mental process includes disregarding race completely, and just focusing on the specific, identifying facial features of that individual, not of any group of people he/ she may represent. As such, I did not choose the features I was going to exaggerate on Ms. Jones's face based on her race, but rather based solely on the features that stood out to me as being her specific prominent features. Anyone of any other racial descent who had similar features would have been caricatured the same way.

I also want to make it clear that no one at Frank Magazine had any racist intent in commissioning the drawing from me, or in running it in their publication.

I regret that the caricature was perceived in such a hurtful way. If Ms. Jones or anyone else was offended by it, I apologize and assure you that this was never my intention. Racism is simply not part of who I am.

Thank you.


Don Pinsent

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