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Eddie Cornwallis

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

It's that even-type number year again when people in such uncomplicated lands as Nova Scotia get to hang in front of oversized hi-def television screens in effort to pretend they’re soccer fans.

Village Blacksmith Diaries

The Village Blacksmith Diaries...

As you knows, I got meself a temper. Particularly if I don’t get da proper rest da night before. If I’s up all night doin’ otter tings.
Das when tings really starts to get under me tin skin. Plus, I’s don’t like otter people bullyin’ me friends.

Frank Cameron

Frank gets something off his chest

I wish to express my unwavering support for the dairy farmers of Canada, along with my utter disdain for the TPP agreement that would allow the Americans to dump their hormone-laden milk in Canada.

Frank Covers

Kevin Spacey's Sheraton sexcapades

Kevin Spacey's Sheraton sexcapades

Before Kevin Spacey was poisonous. Before studios, directors, publicists and agents ran away from him like scalded cats.
As I write this, that was 11 days ago.

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Laura Regan takes stand against sex pests

Laura Regan takes stand against sex pests

I must applaud the youngest daughter of former Nova Scotia premier Gerald Regan (R. v. Gerald Augustine Regan*) for rushing to the aid of Hollywood rape victims. Laura Regan, 40, herself a bona fide Hollywood actress, took to social media to issue a series of tweets from her California home decrying the “sickening abuse of power” in Hollywood.

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Cape Breton Chit Chat

Deaths died: The Estate of Allan J. MacEachen

The so-called Godfather of Cape Breton left behind an estate valued at $1,417,664.81, with news that the mysterious contents of an Ottawa safety deposit box have yet to be revealed.

Councillor Cornelia's 'bad situation'

The request comes with no beating around the bush whatsoever. It was matter- of-fact, really. This lady doesn’t screw around. Why should she? It’s National Indigenous Peoples Day, after all.

Media Madness

Bunny news for bunnies

“Do you think she’s gonna be excited?” Brett Ruskin asks the young lady sitting next to him. His sister, I think.

My Don Cherry moments

I can tell you with reasonable certainty that I heard and knew of Don Cherry before the average sports fan had ever heard of him. A mistake of geography.

Frank Letters

What? Where, now...?

Dear Frank:
The back page Frank cartoon has been one of my favourite parts of the magazine, way back to when it used to be a two-page black-and-white feature. But the cartoon in Frank 794 confuses me.

A message to the Bunker...

It's about 8:00 on Thursday evening, June 21, leading up to Frankland deadline day.
Just back after stepping out for an invigorating smoke break. The message light is flashing on the Bunker Batphone. Who could it be? Could be anyone, really.

Urban Undulations

Garden Party 2018: Fun in the sun at Government House

It’s been over 20 years since the last time, the one and only time, I got kicked out of the N.S. Lieutenant-Governor’s Garden Party.
Obviously I must be doing something wrong.

Water workers face fraud suit from boss

"That's my boat", Steve Burke tells me.
The owner of Dartmouth-based Water Shed Water Conditioning Ltd. is referring to a 2015 posting on Facebook.
“New toys,” it says, above a picture of a shiny new speedboat and equally shiny new half-tonne truck.

Speaker's Corner

Deaths died: The Estate of Allan J. MacEachen

The so-called Godfather of Cape Breton left behind an estate valued at $1,417,664.81, with news that the mysterious contents of an Ottawa safety deposit box have yet to be revealed.

Liberal Scott's other loss

It wasn’t a great week for Scott Lockhart.
He lost in his bid to replace former Conservative leader Jamie Baillie in the Cumberland South byelection to Baillie’s fellow Tory, Tory Rushton, and he also doesn’t have a civvy job to go back to.

Wanker of the Week


Here’s who you wouldn’t want to be: the NSLC cashier who handed the $100 gift card to the woman who paid $31,000 for a bottle of single malt scotch last week.

Liberal trained seals

Should the federal government be able to deny funding based on personal or religious beliefs?
Our Liberal trained seal MPs certainly think so.

Law & Disorder

Death of a trusting man

William Allan MacDonald was a nice, polite and trusting man. It probably got him killed.
The 62-year-old Dartmouth resident was found dead in his apartment late on Wednesday, July 9, 2003, by a family member.

The Three Tragic Musketeers

They thought of themselves as the Three Musketeers. Three teenage girls working the Hollis Street stroll in the mid 1980s. Two of them were murdered more than 30 years ago. I’ve got the other one on the phone with me right now.

Guy Pothier

Dispatches from the road wars

Dispatches from the road wars
A couple of Sundays ago, on my way to a Scotia Festival concert at the Dal Arts Centre, I encountered a constant stream of cyclists on University Avenue that stopped me from crossing that street for around 10 minutes.

On reverse cultural appropriation, unlived experience & sensitivity consultants

Mount Saint Vincent University obviously acted appropriately when it chose not to interfere with the decision by its history department to name assistant prof Martha Walls to teach a course on the history of aboriginal residential schools that she herself has developed.

Bevboy's Radio Daze

Valley of Fear / South Shore

Social Justice Warrior takes on grieving Yarmouth mother

You might well have heard the story before. Its details tend to stick with you.
While grieving the death of her 21-year-old daughter following a car crash in 2015, Jennifer Holleman of Yarmouth came across a voice memo her daughter recorded on her cellphone.

Northern N.S. News

Deaths died: The Estate of Douglas Burgess Freeman

Although the CRTC hasn’t yet approved NewCap’s proposal to buy Hector Broadcasting and its two New Glasgow radio stations, nobody really thinks there’s a chance the broadcasting regulator will block the sale.